How to make money with clixsense

How I making money on

Before few days back I posted a blog best PTC sites in india,
In that blog post #1 website was clixsens after getting lots of views of that blog post, from my readers getting emails about making money on clixsense,
For all that questions I decided to make this post,

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Five ways to earn money on clixsense

#1, Viewing ads

When you login clixsense you will see unwatched ads in dashboard, view that all, each ad viewing you will get paid atleast $0.001 to $0.01, every day they gives more than 30 paid ads to click,

#2, Offers

Clix sense provides more than 10 offers sites here you can completes offer from different clixsense vendor websites, offers are really simple, like watching youtube videos, like for facebook page and installing mobile apps for android and more things to earn,

#3, Surveys
Stop searching survey sits because clixsense have more than top 5 survey sites, within clixsense,
so you can complete surveys with only one clixsense account, 


Here you can play game for wining upto $5.00 , in my case i won few times 5 dollars, every day they gives 30 chance to play game, if your playing game every day your wining chances higher from others,

#5 Referrals

Refer your friends and family to clixsense get paid for what they making money,

Benefit to Join Clixsense under me?
When you join clixsense i will get mail from clixsense in that mail clixsense share me your email id so i can send you some tips to increasing your earnings online from other few websites

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  1. I agree about this post clixsense & neobux both are genuine and trusted sites to make money in your free time without invest. am earning through p.t.c sites decent payments am getting every week.. thanks for the post

  2. Oh! lost the opportunity to get this Offers of the day I wonder if I get this offer now.

  3. ClixSense is a very popular work from home website.


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