How to Start Youtube Channel and Make Money in India

Start Youtube Channel and Make Money in India,

      Youtube is best platform to make money online, Create your own videos and upload youtube through your youtube channel, 
       Now Your thinking why own video to upload youtube, Because youtube never allow to upload copyrighted content, means if your trying to upload movie or song that have copyright other owner, youtube will detect that copyrighted material it cause be terminate your youtube Channel,
 So you should record your own video related an topic upload on youtube, you can record your videos on Mobile / Web Cam / Point & shoot Camera, When i started my youtube channel first thirty video i recorded on webcam,

How To Make Youtube Channel      

1.  If your using gmail or not sing up for Gmail

2. Go to Google plus sign in using Gmail make your profile,

3. Go to Youtube sign in using Gmail there will you see your channel is automatically created and now you can upload video on personal youtube channel,

4. And you will see this type of window Go in About section Write brief about your channel leave there your personnel email and social media links ,

In next Blog i will write how to earn money on youtube

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