Top Pranks Youtube Channels in india

Top Youtube Prank Channels That You Must Subscribe

   1) ActorVarunPruthi

                Actor Varun Pruthi Started Youtube channel for making true love stories, He got only several subscriber at starting 15 videos, around 2000 and views  around 50000 for all videos , after that he turn in making pranks video, and channels subscribers going up and up until 11000 Subs, And he He uploaded a social experimental video and he got 5 lacs views on that video in a week, now total views 25 lacs

Most Watched Video 

Categories of videos         : Pranks and Social Experiments
Total Subscribers              : 142455
Most Watched Video        : MOST SHOCKING HUMANITY EXPERIMENT   Views : 2,591,469
Total Views of all Video   :13,399,081  

  2) TroubleSeekerTeam
             Trouble seeker team is indias first pranksters,  they are All students Started youtube channel With vision laugh and got huge response from indian audience,  they started uploading videos and get views but not subscribers until first 13 Videos, they uploaded 14th video (Fake Hair Cut) and got 1 lacs views in week, and from that videos they raised subscribers            

Most Watched Video

Categories of videos         : Pranks and Social Experiments
Total Subscribers              : 135497
Most Watched Video        : Harassing a Girl from North East  Views : 2667080
Total Views of all Video  : 20,645,845

  3) Funk You
                     Funk You team of students from mumbai They started youtube channel for making comedy video, but they fail to proof of comedy, after that they making video of pranks. and they getting more views, now they uploaded total 50 videos on youtube, 

Most Watched Video

 Categories of videos          : Pranks and Social Experiments
 Total Subscribers               :38,375
 Most Watched Video         :Best Classroom Prank Ever
 Total Views of all Video    :46,58,884

            Awkwardness Unlimited started uploading videos of pranks but first few month they only got video average views 5k to 7k only they trying to make make video perfect, still they are not getting any response of video views, and one day they uploaded a social experiment video and got 60k views in first week, after that there videos are getting more views,

Most Watched Video

 Categories of videos          : Pranks and Social Experiments
 Total Subscribers               :17307
  Most Watched Video         :Harassing Girl in Public Social Experiment,     Views :706,070
 Total Views of all Video    :2,644,664

                YTV Network started video making and uploading of social experiment and parnks videos
they got satisfied views on there begging time, they till date upladed to 21 videos on youtube channel, and got more than 15 million total videos views,

Most Watched Video

 Categories of videos           : Pranks, Social Experiments and Politics view
 Total Subscribers                :69,780
  Most Watched Video         :What Guys should do to Drunk Girls          Views :5,606,365

 Total Views of all Video    :15,537,928


  1. Nice collection of prank channels. What about Indian horror pranks, do you know any youtube channel?

  2. Within few days i will post new blog about horror pranks channels in india


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