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How do i get paid for writing with

PostloopHow it works
forum and blog websites owner is trying hard to get unique visitors and comments on  their websites for this they take help from postloop, and this website gives them unique visitor and comments for clients for this they pays you in dollars, 

Earn Money Posting in Forums

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You have to make ten example posts in the Postloop Portal. The website should give you instructions. Make sure you're subscribed to the Postloop Portal - you can check if you are in ''My Dashboard (at top)/Subscriptions (sidebar). Make sure those ten posts are particularly good with grammar and post length. They'll give you a rating. The higher the rating, the more points you get per post. You then need to wait until they give you that rating. It should take 4-6 hours probably. You can post more before your rating and they will give you points, but you'll only get 1 point per post, until you get a rating. After you get a rating, it depends on the forum and your rating, but I find I generally get 1.8 points per post on average.
For the 10 example posts, I suggest making two new threads and 8 replies. Some people have gotten a lower rating from not making new threads. Each post should have several sentences. I'd suggest four or more. You can get rejected for making posts which are too short and longer posts are more likely to get higher ratings. As an example, writing eight sentence posts without grammar mistakes is likely to get you a very good score.
When you post on normal forums (not the Postloop Portal) then anything between two sentences to four sentences is usually fine. It depends on the forum's standards. There are a few which accept one sentence replies and a few which want longer comments only.
After approval, go to forums (top bar). Find forums you can subscribe to (it'll show you a lock icon for those you can't). Make accounts with as many as you want first. Then click the + subscribe button on Postloop to put in your username and e-mail used for that forum. Make sure each comment is as long as necessary when you start posting in forums. One sentence comments are looked down upon generally. Two-three line sentences are better. Of course mini-essays are usually looked up pretty well, but they take too much time usually. Keep in mind that you'll probably be receiving about $0.08 per post, so brilliantly written, well researched posts shouldn't be the norm, though just "I agree" is too little.

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