You Must Know Before You Starting Travel Blogging

So you want to Become travel blogger? Read my best five tips from my personal experience,

Before I start article I would like to tell you I have been travel blogging since late 2012 for one of the most reputed travel company. As per my contract with them I can't disclose company name where i work.
I have written more than 150 articles for them in 3 years, and few destinations guides. as far now I have earning quite good amount compare to nine to five jobs. Every article I write it was on my personal experience so travel first on the particular destination and write good blog post for my company. Yes you are right I travel free of cost and stays in 5 star hotels even get free tickets for safari ride and most expensive travel activities.

Why Travel Blogging?

I was backpacker traveler before starting travel blogging, accidentally I met a Canadian  travel blogger in Goa, were we staying in cheap hostel. He told me how to setup free blog and what to write beginning of time. I was not sure that I can do travel blogging for my rest of life but when I came back to home after travelling 10 days, I setup my first blog on, within three days of time I wrote 3 articles of my travel stories, that articles went viral I was getting 1000 views a day on my blog, all blog post was getting comments about places that have been there I was replying comments, but it never stopped.
I decided to become serious of travel blogging since then I never stopped to write about travel.

What I Get by Travel Blogging Now
  • Free Travel where I want to go,
  • Free stay in 5 star Hotels
  • Free Plane tickets

What to write?

If you want to start travel blogging and thinking what to write then you can share your travel experiences about your past travels or you can write about your city.

Start with something like these
  • Best restaurants in (city name)
  • Cheap hotels in (city name)
  • Thing to do in (city name)
  • Places to visit in (city name)
It can be your city or nearest city that you know well, do lost of research before you hit publish button.

How to Make Money?

This is best part of that you will get for traveling around the world but it takes time sometime few months or a year then you will get travel assignments from biggest travel companies.
don't disappoint if now one visiting your blog keep writing once you have more than 30 articles you will get  definitely see result that how many persons is reading your blogs.
Once you have readers then you can approach local hotels and restaurants for review in exchange of lunch or dinner in that restaurant, it will make you more confident about writing. Monetize your blog with google adsense.


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