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Casey Neistat is my one of the best youtuber till now. I have been following him from December-2014, and never missed his video and twits.

Why I follow Casey Neistat

His dedication to work and family life, I impressed to see that he manages work and keep family always happy. At that time of starting daily vlogs he promised his fans that he will upload each video every day, and he passionately makes daily vlogs and upload on youtube, no matter what work he was doing he publish video every morning.
     Casey earns thousands of dollars per month, but never lives a lavish lifestyle like other youtuber do for show off to their fans. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for living lavish lifestyle he invest money in businesses which he runs.
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He has many sources of earning and one of the best source is BEME mobile app and youtube sponsorship.
Below list of all sources of income
  • Youtube Sponsored product reviews
  • BEME Mobile App 
  • Start-up consultancy
  • Guest speaker
  • Filmmaking
Recently he travelled to Dubai from New York by emirates airline and he showed all plane amenities and facility trough youtube video, it was sponsored plane review even he said that its not sponsored video at the beginning of the video, But I found that Emirates airline offered him lifetime free business class ticket including family.

You can watch video of Emirates Airline

Daily Income
Casey Earns average daily $20 thousand dollars.
Monthly income is $ 640 thousand dollars

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