Mumbiker Nikhil YouTube Journey and Earnings

Mumbiker Nikhil is one of the best motovlogger on youtube in India.

I have been following him since Dec-2014 from that time to till now he never shared any thing about his past and never wanted to!!
I already watched his all videos on youtube and did some research about him and found some thing about his past.

Mumbiker Nikhil

He was working as cabin crew at age of 19 year in Air India, He was earning more than he's father. He traveled around world because of work.
At the age of 21 he was at home for few days holidays in that period he's father past away, after few days of his father death he has to handle family business  of import and export, he given resign to his job.
Started youtube channel in late 2013 as motovlogger and posted few video in his daily observation video playlist, while doing motovlogging he started to visit nearest place of Mumbai and after few video of uploading of touring videos he knew that people are engaging in touring videos more than motovlogging videos.
From that moment he never uploaded videos of motovlogging, just started uploading every tour he was going to on his bike.

Subscribers Stats

After uploading 30 videos on his channel he managed to get 3000 subscribers, he upgraded camera and mic for better video and audio quality, after few videos of touring on hes bike, he was having 13000 subscribers.
at the time of 55000 subscribers he was planning to visit leh and ladakh on bike and thats only decision made him best youtuber in India in motovlogging category.
Leh and Ladakh ride was very successful beacause within month he crossed 90k subscribers on his channel. All video of Leh ladakh serious got hug views.
Now currently hes on tour of Kashmir to Kanyakumari sponsered by Triumph Motorcycles 


Daily he earns 10k in Indian rupees from his youtube channel, apart from that he earns in lacs for single review of bike related products.
only for kashmir to kanyakumari series of videos he took more than 25 lacs and 1 Triumph Tiger Motorcycle, only that bike costs 13 lacs in Indian rupees.
Also every single penny hes going to spend on his journey will paid by Triumph Motorcycles.

Verified Social of Mumbiker Nikhil

Currently his using Triumph Tiger bike for hes tour to Kashmir to Kanyakumari, previously he was using KTM 390 still owns that bike, I'm not sure if hes going to use KTM 390 bike after returning K2K Ride.

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  1. Can you share the source of the earnings you mentioned?

  2. He earns through YouTube ads (Adsense),and Sponsored reviews.

  3. One more thing to mention, he is also a worked as model in past and worked as actor in TV series on Bindass TV

  4. Saw him in emotional attyachar and savdhan India.


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