Top 10 Quality Blogs that accept guest post

Want Submit Guest Blog Post to Get Quality Backlinks?

I have created lists of the top 10 blogs where you can post your blog post without paying a penny. I researched lots about all below top blogs and also contacted for same, few of them replied me within a day and other took more than 2 days to reply me.

Not all of them accepted my blog post, but I succeed to post 3 blog posts with high quality backlinks. Within a day my traffic increased by 230%.

All below blogs has a high quality  Alexa and Page Ranks, before applying for guest posting, make sure your content is unique and relevant to their readers, because of that chances are very high to get your content posted on below blogs.

Why Guest Post is Important in Blogging?

Making best designed blog and posting an article once in week its not going to make any changes to you and your blog, you have to make an authority for blog get higher rankings in search engine. To get domain and SEO authority you need have social media presence and few quality backlinks.
Guest blog post is the only way to get quality backlinks for beginner bloggers.

Things to know before applying:

Don't copy and paste your pitching mail to thousands of bloggers. Read about us page before sending mail and do research little bit about blog and what they frequently post, write something about them in pitching mail.

If you don't have ready blog post for specific blog then you can simply share ideas that you can make a unique and quality content.

  • Make sure your content is ready to post
  • Create unique and 500+ words content
  • Give images and source links
  • Give resources links (If you have)

List of Blogs

    If you tried and got your article published in above sites, please let me know in the comment section.


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    3. There can be chances that traffic driven from those social bookmarking or networking sites will be more than the traffic driven to your site from direct Google search! backlink tracker


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