Know More About BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is one of the most subscribed and watched Indian youtube channel, runs by Bhuvan Bam 22 year old guy.

Story of Bhuvan Bam.

Before starting successful YouTube channel (BB Ki Vines) he was a musician by profession and still do stage shows on his original songs. He started singing career by performing late evening bars in Delhi, after starting YouTube as a career he is no more singing in bars.
Apart form singing in bars, he also performs on live stage shows now.

How BB Ki Vines Become most subscribed channel,

     When Bhuvan started BB KI Vines he never thought it will go viral in very short time, after uploading a few videos of himself in multiple characters with little look change. People started watching and liking his videos, because of Hindi double meaning adult conversion between characters.
    Within 3 months of starting YouTube channel got more than 2 lacs of subscribers.
Now total subscriber count of BB is 17 Lacs (1.7 Million).
Bhuvan in Masterji Character 


    Bhuvan earns more than 5 lacs per month from YouTube and he also performs stage shows and visits marriages for singing and comedy and charge more than 5 lacs rupees per visit.
He is the richest youtuber in India after AIB Team.

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