How to Become a Travel Blogger in India

         Do you love to travel and write about it? Then travel blogging is for you, combine travel stories and photos in your blog and you will slowly become a professional travel blogger.
         Here I'm writing about my journey to become travel blogger and ways to earn money.

Starting Travel Blogging?

          Anyone who wants to start travel blog to get free travel and earn money within few month of starting of travel blog, then it's not right choice for you.
Of course, you will get paid for traveling and staying five-star hotel for free, but it will take time maybe 1 year or so.
            I got paid for travel when my blog was just 2-month-old and 52 blog posts, you can also write as many as blog post after starting blog. My target was to publish 60 blog posts in 2 months, and I achieved that, but keep in mind that you should balance between quantity and quality of every blog post.

Benefits of becoming travel blogger

      When I started travel blogging I was thinking that I may able to get paid by placing ads on my blog of google Adsense, but I was wrong I get paid for writing short hotel and restaurant reviews on my blog, which is lot more than my job salary, and happy with that.
      You can approach hotels and restaurants for getting featured on your travel blog with a genuine review in return of food and night stay at the beginning time of time of your blogging.
     Once you publish your few hotels and restaurant reviews on your blog, then approach big hotel and popular restaurants for money and show them previous reviews and page views. You will get lots of project by only writing reviews.
     Approach big travel companies for their group tours and ask if they can offer you free tour in return of company review and that particular tour review. I approached Veena World for Shimla tour and they offered free 2 tickets for me and my wife, it was 7nights/8day tour, got free Air tickets, hotel stay and full meals for free.

Starting Travel Blog

       Get a domain and hosting from Hostgator or Bluehost and install WordPress, worlds best cms and blogging platform.

What to Write

After WordPress installation, you may wonder what to write first few posts. Start writing about you recent travels and publish it, then start writing about guides on particular city that will help travellers.


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